SOS Syrian Children was founded in early 2013 by Suzy and Hamid. Both are living in Antwerp, Belgium and both are carrying Syria in their hearts. Because of their continuous enthusiasm and perseverance the couple succeeded in convincing more and more people in and outside Belgium to commit themselves to the Syrian children particularly from Aleppo. At present the organisation consists of 10 volunteers. Most are having their own jobs but are ready to dedicate a great part of their spare time to the cause of the Syrian children.


"The moment I saw everything growing worse in 2011, I realized I had to do something for the Syrian children. I always had met so much hospitality from everyone, and especially the children had stolen my heart. Irresistible with their sparkling  eyes and charming smiles, wishing me welcome whenever I met them on the street ...

I felt strongly that I had to ease their pain and to give them back their smiles in these difficult moments.

I started collecting clothes and toys."


"I am Syrian and I am living in Belgium for quite a long time.  I carry Syria in my heart and I cry when I see the horrible things that happen to my people. I feel I have to help them. I want to... because I don't want them to be a lost generation. They have to feel there are still people who care about them."

Suzy and Hamid with the first container


" In 2013 I started  a simple clothing collection that soon got out of hand.

Wonderfull to see how family, friends, school and community were getting involved in the project. The feeling I really could make a difference even with a simple gesture was amazing.

Right now I cannot do without SOS Syrian Children anymore. Partly because I have children of my own and realize how important it is for very young people to grow up in  a stable, loving environment. But I also try to  imagine how it would be  if such a tragedy would happen  in my own  country. Wouldn't I long for some help?"

Kathleen on the Christmas fair for SOS Syrian Children


"Heartbreaking to think of all the Syrian children with physical and mental trauma in and outside Syria.

Their suffering upsets me even more knowing their great distress while there is such little support from the international community. I decided not to remain passive and to commit myself to humanitarian aid for Syrian children. How vulnerable or hurt they are, they carry the future of Syria in themselves!"


Syria is the place that I have very sweet memories of, thanks to my parents Hamid and Suzy. I'm so very sad to see this beautiful country and its beautiful people suffer so badly, a country and people I feel so connected with.

I want to help make things a little more tolerable for the Syrian children, because doing nothing and just waiting is so frustrating. Even though I know it won't help much.

The Syrian children are the biggest victims of this conflict and we can only admire them for their inner strength. I cannot just watch the future of this generation getting destroyed.