You can read here what we've been doing for the Syrian children in Syria and in Turkey.

June 2018 Eid at end of Ramadan

At the end of Ramadan we made 270 children happy with new clothes, dresses, trousers and sweaters. Well deserved!

Eid 2018 Eid 2018Eid 2018 Eid 2018 

May - June 2018 iftar meals in Idlib

During the month of Ramadan, we distributed 650 iftar meals to refugee children and their families in the Idlib region.

Shortly after that, there was heavy bombing in the area, so we can only hope these children and their families and of course our volunteers are safe and in good health.

Iftar May 2018 Iftar May 2018

May 2018 an unforgettable day in Idlib

All children have the right to play and that's why our volunteers in Idlib organized a wonderful day for 60 children who have recently been deported from Ghouta. They picked them up by bus to bring them to an amusement park. The children also enjoyed playing together and got snacks and toys and a great meal.

Idlib May 2018 Idlib May 2018

Idlib May 2018 Idlib May 2018

January 2018 bread campaign refugee camps Idlib

Who has ever seen a Syrian bakery working? Most were destroyed by heavy shelling in the war, depriving the population of a basic need.
The bakery in this video is packing freshly baked bread for SOS Syrian Children. Our team brings it to the refugee families in the camps around Idlib.

January 2018 water containers Idlib

The SOS Syrian Children team placed water containers of 1000 liter in a camp without water supply. Water had to be collected from a well at a certain distance. Right now the containers are put close to the tents in different positions in the camp. A tank can now bring water to the camp and provisions are kept in clean containers.

Watch this video to see how the water containers are being delivered.


Half December 2017 winter campaign Ghouta (Kafr Batna)

We were able to give trousers and sweaters to 75 children aged 4 tot 12 years to help them stay warm during the cold winter. Ghouta has been under siege for 5 years no wand almost no food gets tot he people living there. The big humanitarian organisations have no permission to bring in aid. That’s why parents give their children weeds or anything else they can find. Some children only eat once every two days. During our winter campaign we gave the children sandwiches with minced meat.

Winter campaign Ghouta 2017 Winter campaign Ghouta 2017

Winter campaign Ghouta 2017 Winter campaign Ghouta 2017

December 2017: winter campaign in Idlib

The children in the camps of the Idlib countryside received warm coats, shoes and a bag filled with trousers, sweaters, socks and underwear… to keep them warm during the cold winter months. We even noticed some smiles on their sad little faces.

Winter campaign Idlib 2017 Winter campaign Idlib 2017

Winter campaign Idlib 2017 Winter campaign Idlib December 2017

November 2017: Ghouta / Kafr Batna

Ghouta has been under siege for more than 5 years and there is a terrible famine. This has already taken the lives of too many children. Because of the malnutrition, many mothers aren’t able to breastfeed their children anymore.

SOS Syrian Children provided milk, cheese and bread to fill the hungry stomachs of the babies and to strengthen the mothers, hoping they can start breastfeeding again.

You can watch a video of the preparations here.

Ghouta november 2017 Ghouta november 2017

Ghouta november 2017 Ghouta november 2017

September 2017

At the beginning of September we celebrated Eid Al Adha. Our local assistants in Syria made beautiful packages of clothing for the children in the refugee camp at the Idlib countryside. They also ordered sheep to be slaughtered to offer the children a warm meal with meat for Eid Al Adha. The clothes and food were very welcome, because these children have been living in dire circumstances for a long time now.  Many of the children had been wearing the same clothes for months and hadn't had a decent meal for a long time. All the childeren also received a toy.

Clothes Eid 2017 Clothes Eid 2017

Eid Al Adha 2017 Eid Al Adha 2017

June 2017

To celebrate the end of Ramadan 2017 more than 100 children received a package with clothes and a warm meal. These children are mostly orphans who were deported from Damascus and Aleppo to refugee camps in the Idlib region. Many of them live with distant relatives or acquaintances who don't have the means to support these children themselves. With the help of our fantastic local assistants we offered the children a great feast.

End of ramadan 2017 packages Preparation of the feast

Enjoying a nice and healthy meal! Enjoying a nice and healthy meal!

March 2017

In the spring of 2017 we were able to help 100 children to go to school.

All of these children go to the Taleb Sheikh elementary school on the countryside west of Idlib. The school has 300 pupils, all refugees from Aleppo. These children suffer from fysical and psychological problems caused by the war. We distributed 100 backpacks. Every backpack also contained a stress ball, pencils and pens, an eraser and sharpener and a ruler. The children also received a game, books, 3 notebooks and a drawing board. We also provided the classes with drawing paper, paint etc.

The backpacks are ready Distribution of the backpacks

Distribution of the backpacks The class is ready for it

February 2017

In February the products of our winter campaign arrived in the camps at the Iblib countryside. In these camps live many forgotten refugees from Aleppo and Damascus. Many of them are children. SOS Syrian Children brought them warm clothes, milk and diapers.

Winter campaign 2017 Winter campaign 2017

Diapers 2017 Winter clothes 2017

September 2016

In September we helped the children of Aleppo forget their misery for one day. We invited them to a party on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. The children watched movies, danced and held a quiz. Everyone was given popcorn, biscuits, drinks and candyfloss. There was also a toy for every child. We saw many happy faces!

We reached 800 children in 5 neighbourhoods in Aleppo.

Eid Al-Adha 2016 Eid Al-Adha 2016Eid Al-Adha 2016 Eid Al-Adha 2016

Summer of 2016

In the summer of 2016 we held another ramadan campaign. We distributed warm meals to the children in the Al-Dana refugee camp in Syria, next to the Turkish border. This way they could experience the mood of ramadan a little bit and break their fast with a warm meal.

Ramadan 2016 Warm meal

April - May 2016

In the spring of 2016 SOS Syrian Children supported Childcare Rastan. Rastan is a small town next to Homs. This region has been besieged for years and the roads are mostly closed. Food and other basic needs are scarce. This is especially difficult for the children. Babies that need special milk are often fed with unajusted animal milk.

The charity organisation Childcare Rastan provides free feed and adjusted baby milk to 1900 children in the region. SOS Syrian Children raised money to help the organisation buy baby milk.

Baby milk Rastan Rastan orphans

Winter campaign 2015 - 2016

From December 2015 until February 2016 we brought warm winter clothes and shoes to the children in the Al-Dana refugee camp (Idleb).

Winter clothes December 2015 Winter clothes December 2015

Distribution of clothes February 2016 Distribution of clothes February 2016


Watch a video about what we did in the summer of 2015.

- In November and December 2015 we had a fund raiser for the little Reham. This girl lived in Bursa in Turkey with her family. Reham got severely burnt when her house in Aleppo caught fire during an air attack. Reham needed a lot of medical assistance and her family had nothing left. We provided them with the necessary materials to relieve her suffering.

- At the end of September during the Sacrifice Feast the children received surprise packages with presents, candy and drinks.

- In July we sent 35 water tanks of 5000 liter to Aleppo / Idleb. There was a heat wave and the people in the camps were completely out of water.

Water tank

- In July at the end of Ramadan (Eid), the children in the camps of the countryside of Aleppo / Idleb received toys.

Toys Eid 2015

- During Ramadan (June and July) we distributed hot meals to the children in the countryside of Aleppo / Idleb. The children over there have almost nothing to eat.

Ramadan 2015 Ramadan 2015

- During our winter action the families in the camps in Antakya and Reyhanli (Turkey) and in Syria received hats, scarves, blankets, diapers, flash lights and so on.


- The children in the Aleppo countryside received food baskets and blankets.

Food basket

- We supported a school for refugee children in Antakya (Turkey) and bought them school bags.

School Turkey

- We supported a center for psychological assistance of refugee children in Reyhanli (Turkey) and bought them toys and teaching materials. These children are traumatised by war and have to learn again how to function in a group. After that they can go to school again.

- At the beginning of 2014 we sent a third container to Aleppo, filled with clothes, toys, milk powder, blankets, wheelchairs and so on.

Toys Wheel chairs


We sent 2 containers to Syria filled with clothes, toys, blankets, milk powder, wheel chairs and so on.

First container First container